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The Buzz on Cannabis Infused Honey

Thursday, July 4th, 2019

The Buzz on Cannabis Infused Honey

There’s honey, then there’s cannabis infused honey. The foremost is sweet and filled with health-boosting properties. The second is the same—only better. This short article will delve much deeper in to the great things about honey and share, not just one, but two ways that are simple can combine honey and cannabis for a delicious do-it-yourself treat.

Love the Bees

Bees had been making honey scores of years before people ever roamed the planet. For one thing to own survived the universe’s processes that are evolutionaryfor that long, this has to be pretty extraordinary. And honey doesn’t disappoint. This sweet nectar contains a complex mix of nutritional elements like proteins and minerals. It had been prized by Hippocrates for the recovery advantages, and today, scientists have confirmed honey’s antioxidant, anti-bacterial and properties that are antimicrobial. (more…)