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Kennel Club Complains About BBC

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Crufts 2009

The organisers of Crufts Dog Show The Kennel Club have lodged a complaint with Ofcom over the BBC programme “Pedigree Dogs Exposed”. and are looking into the contract with the BBC for Crufts TV coverage.

If you missed this programme click through this link to BBC News
or check out youtube.

With the Dogs Trust and RSPCA withdrawing from stands at Discover Dogs in November and at Crufts next March. Mark Evans RSPCA chief veterinary adviser added

“Dog shows using current breed standards as the main judging criteria actively encourage both the intentional breeding of deformed and disabled dogs and the inbreeding of closely related animals. There is compelling scientific evidence that the health and welfare of hundreds of thousands of pedigree dogs is seriously compromised as a result.”



 From personal experience, on this subject I can’t remain impartial and see this issue from both sides, but I’ve yet to find someone who can.   We’ve had dogs through the classes who have been affected by breeding for certain characteristics and its heartbreaking to see the owners deal with something they have no control over.

Much closer to home , my parents have had a lot of heartache over the years with their present dog. KK is the second dog that they had got from the same breeder but from a totally different line ( a very top winning kennel, I might add) because the original line that our first dog was from was now extinct.  To date, KK has been treated for retained testicle,  hip dysplasia, food intolerances, bumble bee allergy, periodontal disease, various operations to laser his eyes to reduce ulceration, saliva gland re-routed to his eyes to do the job of his now dyfunct tear gland and to top it all off now, he has a large nasal tumour that will ultimately take his life.  My dad spends his days catering to KK’s every whim and it worries me sick how he will be when KK’s gone. I know how wrapped up he is in the dog that I fear my dad will disappear too when he no longer has KK by his side.

This is an issue that will be emotionally argued on all sides but I have to say a big thank you to the BBC for making it more of a publically known issue rather than a privately fought one.


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Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2008