Hermione kills Harry


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Well, what do you think of the new vid? We had a lot of fun teaching Harry that trick for the end of his beginners course.  Though I had to fib a little on how difficult it was to teach to the other owners in the class. I honestly thought they might lynch me when I said it had only taken us under two hours spread over two days to get him to ‘die’ on command.  We had practised a ‘rollover’ to perform on the last night (which again only took us 2 days) but my eldest daughter who’s been handling Harry in the class wanted to get Harry to die on command using the command word ‘Avada Kedavra’ and a wand. The only thing was that she declared this deepest wish on Tuesday morning only leaving me until the following evening to teach him it.

 Anyway Harry performed both tricks perfectly so we thought we would film them for a new vid for youtube, hope you like the results!

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