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Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Obviously the last post (well, obvious to me ) was a dig at me by my hubby. Thanks dear! The last week has been so emotionally draining what with Midas dying that I’m afraid Harry’s training was kind of left to the side.  On Monday, however, I thought that I had better give myself a kick up the butt and make an effort but to be honest my heart wasn’t in it. Consequently, Harry wasn’t making any headway with the ‘down’ and continued to look at me like I was speaking gobbledegook.  My fault not his but I didn’t see it like that at the time and called him a ‘thick spaniel’ so I took some time out, ate some chocolate, took a deep breath and approached the teaching of the down in a different way.  I’ve been wanting to try using the ‘clicker’ for some time but to be honest never really took the time to read about it properly or put in the groundwork but I did and now Harry can do the ‘down’ on command or just using a hand signal.  Golden rule – if you are not in the right frame of mind to train , don’t bother! Come back to it.

I Do Dog Tricks

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

I Do Dog Tricks

Getting frustrated trying to get your own dog to do a down on command?

Take a break with the virtual dog at I Do Dog Tricks  – enjoy

Trainability Top Dogs

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008


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Top Five

Breed Obedience Trainability
Border Collie  98
Toy Poodle  96
Standard Poodle  90
Shetland Sheepdog  90
Papillon  90

Border Collie on top as always for obedience and intelligence – check the link to see where your favourite breed sits.

And for those owners who relish a challenge here’s the tail end of the list.

Bottom Five

Pomeranian  10
Pekingese  10
Miniature Pinscher  10
Kuvasz  10
Briard  10


Saturday, March 22nd, 2008





27th August 1994 – 18th March 2008


Sleep peacefully and remember that we will love you always

Typical Cat

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Beach fun!

Monday, March 3rd, 2008


A couple of weeks back when it actually wasn’t raining  we decided to head up to St. Andrews for some beachy fun with Harry and the kids. We left Midas at home, the excitement might have been too much for him and quite frankly any exercise  and he’s wiped for hours if not days afterwards. For those who don’t live in Scotland (apparently we do have visitors to our website from as far a field as Australia, Germany and Croatia, I could try and be smart and say ‘Hi’ in your native lauguage but I would fail miserably, only ever did French at school), St. Andrews has the most perfect beach for dog walking, lots of dunes to hide in and explore.

My current video project at the moment is the footage I took on the beach of the kids and Harry running up and down the dunes .  Most of it is very dodgily shot as everyone was moving so fast and let’s be honest I’m no cameraman or editor or director but doing these things at night stops me eating chocolate.

Harry had great fun investigating the water though he rapidly found out that you don’t drink sea water.  In fact Harry found out about a lot of things that you don’t do at the beach:

1. Don’t approach big black labradors carrying whole trees in their mouths, no matter how polite you are being they don’t want to share that tree ( seriously, it was huge!)

2. Don’t eat sand

3. Don’t eat wet sand

4. Don’t eat shells

5. Don’t eat seaweed

6. Don’t chase kite surfers (they can chase back!)

7. Lastly, don’t assume that if you are running down a sand dune that you will be able to stop at the bottom.

On the ‘Do’ side:

 Do have fun and lots of it!

PS Watch out for the video, promise it will be up soonsandy-harry.jpg

The Start of Harry's Story

Monday, March 3rd, 2008


Firstly , I must apologise for not blogging, I’ve had the folllowing written for some time and never got round to putting it up (it should have gone up with the video), just been too busy, with what escapes me at present but well, here it is, the missing blog.

When we had decided that we were going to get a puppy I had already made my mind up that I wanted one from Liz . We had had a few dogs come through our classes that had come from Liz and without exception all were, not only beautiful to look at but had the sweetest dispositions and I fell in love with each and every one of them.

Midas had started to become ill and at one point we thought that losing him would be a very real problem that we would have to face sooner rather than later so we put the puppy plan into action.  It probably sounds quite mercenary to think of bringing a new life into the family as one leaves it but the kids were really upset with Midas so ill that a little joy and excitement was enough to lift their spirits when they were faced with losing a much loved friend.  So in June 2007 we first made contact with Liz to see about getting our name on the waiting list for one of her puppies.  A good breeder will have  a waiting list.

 We kept in regular touch with Liz , as to how things were going on the puppy front and eventually on the 12th October Liz sent us an email and photos of the pups when they were a few hours old.  Over the next few weeks as the video shows we took to almost camping out in Liz’s house to watch the pups change from furry little blobs to the cutest puppies ever (me biased, never!).